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Camberwell branch Information

The following schools are only supplied by our Camberwell branch
These are only available to purchase instore.
For further information call Camberwell on Tel:020 7703 3604 or to visit their website
Click Here
  • Archbishop Tenison's School (Lambeth)
  • Bacons College (Southwark)
  • City Of London Academy (Southwark)
  • Harris Academy At Peckham (Southwark)
  • Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich (Southwark)
  • Harris Girls' Academy Bermondsey (Southwark)
  • Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich (Southwark)
  • Kingsdale School (Southwark)
  • Lilian Baylis Technology School (Lambeth)
  • Notre Dame Girls School (Southwark)
  • Sacred Heart School (Southwark)
  • St Michaels R/C School (Southwark)
  • St Saviours and St Olaves Girls School (Southwark)
  • St Thomas Apostle R/C College (Southwark)
  • Westminster City Boys School (Westminster)

You can contact us at:
Whitehall Clothiers
77 Camberwell Road

Phone: 020 7703 3604
Email: will@whitehallclothiers.co.uk
Website: www.whitehallclothiers.com

Store Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday 9:15am - 5:30pm